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Mood Healers offers medical grade magic mushrooms for sale.

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Your Trusted Source For Magic Mushrooms

At Mood Healers, we support transformative experiences through magic mushrooms. We offer a premium selection of microdosing products that elevate your consciousness and holistic well-being.

Long-Standing Expertise.  We take pride offering our exclusive medical-grade magic mushrooms. Our dedicated growers have cultivated magic mushrooms for over two decades, ensuring that every batch we produce is the highest quality available to consumers.

Guaranteed Consistency.  To ensure reliability and potency our magic mushrooms have undergone lab testing to measure precise psilocybin content. This commitment to accuracy guarantees a consistent and safe journey for our valued customers.

Trusted Evolution.  Founded in 2016, Mood Healers provides our exceptional genetics to physicians in Southern California treating veterans with severe PTSD symptoms. Guided by our senior psilocybin expert, we've expanded our reach to offer the best magic mushrooms to a wider audience.

Real Reviews.  Online feedback speaks for us. With an "Excellent" rating on Trustpilot and heartfelt reviews from satisfied customers, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident.

APE Mushrooms.  Albino Penis Envy (APE) magic mushrooms are one of the most potent varieties and users experience intense visual effects, profound introspection and deep spiritual experiences. The heightened potency of Albino Penis Envy mushrooms has contributed to their popularity among experienced users seeking enlightening psychedelic journeys.

Exclusive Rarity.  Due to hybrid genetics, APE magic mushrooms are very challenging to find and even more difficult to cultivate. The distinct albino coloration adds to their exclusivity, making them highly sought after by enthusiasts.

Discrete Shipping.  All orders are vacuum-sealed and wrapped in commercial-grade mylar bags to preserve the freshness and potency of our mushrooms.

100% Cured.  Organic magic mushrooms are completely safe to consume whole and properly dehydrated to offer customers the best value for product sold by weight.

Added Savings.  Buying whole dried magic mushrooms is the most economical choice for those looking to explore the world of psychedelics. Unlike microdose gummies, capsules, and chocolates, magic mushrooms do not require the same amount of labor-intensive processing. This translates to more mushrooms for your purchase, making psilocybin therapy accessible and cost-effective.

Shelf Life.  When stored properly, our magic mushrooms boast a remarkable shelf life exceeding 12 months without any loss of potency. This longevity ensures you have the flexibility to embark on your journeys at your own pace, without the concern of your product losing its effectiveness over time.

Are you looking for a "trip" experience?

Many customers seek to explore the transformative and spiritual experiences associated with taking full doses of magic mushrooms. To receive the recommended dose that works for your individual needs, please complete a brief assessment and a microdosing specialist will contact you with results.

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Helpful Conversaions

  • 1g = 1,000mg
  • 1oz = 28g
  • 1lb = 16oz

Pricing Options

Weight Price Savings
1/8 oz $100 --
1/4 oz $160 20% Off
1/2 oz $280 30% Off
1 oz $490 40% Off
2 oz $780 50% Off
1/4 lb $1,250 60% Off
1/2 lb $1,840 70% Off
1 lb $2,600 80% Off

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