How To Microdose In New York City

Learn everything you need to know about microdosing New York City mushrooms.

New York City Magic Mushrooms

Ultimate Guide To Buy Microdosing New York City Mushrooms

The aim of this resource page is to help people buy the best microdose products online and learn about microdosing mushrooms in New York City. We do offer microdosing mushroom chocolates and psilocybin capsules; however, this guide aims to educate website visitors even if you do not purchase from us. We are happy to provide this information so that people can find what works best for them and we are here to help if you choose our holistic medicine company.

Are you looking to buy microdose products?

If Yes you’re looking to buy the best microdosing New York City mushrooms for sale, there are several things to keep in mind. If No, click here to skip below and learn more about psilocybin therapy.

How do I start microdosing New York City mushrooms?

The most important consideration when buying magic mushrooms is where you get them. If you have trusted friends or family members, it can’t hurt to ask them if you feel open to share. Sometimes people want to remain discrete while microdosing mushrooms in New York City for fear of being judged, so this might not be the best option. It’s important to highlight the importance of trust when you buy psilocybin mushrooms. Like marijuana, there are many different strains and ways to cultivate. In biology, a strain is a genetic variant within a plant species. Some strains have more psychedelic potency than others and vary cultivation difficulty. In other words, there’s a wide range of quality when buying New York City magic mushrooms and the integrity of the source matters a lot when you’re consuming medicine.

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Can I buy from social media websites?

Your best option to find microdose New York City mushrooms is to buy them online from a reputable business. Businesses can advertise many ways and social media is the most common in terms of having no setup cost, large audience exposure and less technical than website development. You must be very cautious when buying anything from social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. because there’s no recourse if you are unhappy with a purchase. When operating a virtual business, customers are not able to visit a storefront for help or leave feedback on a business listing online like Google Maps or Yelp. The easiest way to get ripped off or scammed is to purchase from an unknown seller. Social media accounts can change anytime. Before making this commitment make sure someone you know has made a recommendation from personal experience. Reputable businesses have websites because the retail space in any industry has become very competitive, but that’s not to say if a business has a website, they are legit.

How do I determine if a company is safe?

The easiest way to find the best New York City microdose company is to find their business listing on Google Maps. Many people like to use Yelp for dining and traveling. Yelp is a paid platform for businesses to advertise online using their popular business directory. If you cannot find any listing for a business, that can be a red flag. Sometimes companies do not have business listings if they choose to keep their location discrete, but then you must wonder why do that. A developing industry like New York City microdosing mushrooms draws many opportunists who take advantage of people in vulnerable situations. The most prudent choice is a microdose company with reviews from actual customers online. When you arrive at a website you should get a sense that the business is promoting a brand with products they’re passionate about. There are many shopping cart websites that have no human interaction, no personal language, just tiles of product photos, prices and payment buttons. Don’t let the excitement to start microdosing New York City mushrooms compromise having patience to find a trusted source.

Where does my order ship from?

Unless you’re very fortunate to live near a microdose company, odds are you will be having microdosing products shipped to you in New York City. The options to buy microdosing mushrooms for sale online are few and most businesses are in Canada. It’s not particularly attractive buying products from another country due to longer shipping wait times, US Customs confiscation risk and communication limitations. The safest way to buy New York City microdose chocolates or capsules is to get them domestically.

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Are you new to microdosing mushrooms?

If Yes, then you have found a great resource to learn more about the benefits of microdosing New York City mushrooms. Most people have heard about magic mushrooms used as holistic medicine either on TV, the internet or maybe from a friend. There have been some amazing documentaries about clinical psychedelic studies and psilocybin research on streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. Magic mushrooms treatment has been appointed “Breakthrough Therapy” by the U.S Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which includes Fast Track, Accelerated Approval and Priority Review.

The process of Fast Track is designed to expedite New York City microdosing review to treat serious conditions sooner. A Fast Track drug must show advantages over other available therapies, such as:

- Superior effectiveness over available treatment.
- Avoids serious side effects over available medicine.
- Decreases long-term toxiNew York City over available therapy.

It’s clear microdosing magic mushrooms in New York City has a wide range of holistic benefits. Holistic medicine is a mindset to improve health unlike traditional Western medicine based on treating ailment symptoms. New York City psilocybin microdose products can help address psychological, familial, societal, spiritual and biological dimensions of complete wellness.

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What type of magic mushrooms are the best?

The strongest strain of magic mushrooms for sale in New York City are called Psilocybe Cubensis (Penis Envy). The odd name was given by its appearance, but certainly this species mushroom has nothing to envy over other varieties. Penis Envy mushrooms, winner of the 2021 Oakland Psilocybin Cup, have been tested to have on average 2.90% alkaloid, 1.75% psilocybin and 1.25% psilocin content by weight. The origins of this species come from spores collected in the Amazon by Terrance McKenna. Although difficult to grow, Penis Envy magic mushrooms work very well for New York City microdosing therapy.

How do I choose between chocolates or capsules?

The way to decide what works best for you to microdose mushrooms in New York City is quite simple. For most people the decision is as easy as whether to save money or enjoy healthy, artisan chocolates. It’s recommended to microdose mushrooms before or with a meal. Non-dairy, organic chocolates with no artificial flavoring or preservatives can be a healthy snack treat for New York City microdosing. Psilocybin microdose capsules are easy to carry and store unrefrigerated.

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How do I keep track of therapy progress?

The most recommended way to get understand the progress you make microdosing New York City mushrooms it to keep track of the following:

- How you feel before starting microdosing the first time.
- How you feel after a few hours of microdosing.
- How you feel the following morning after microdosing.
- How you feel on days off from microdosing.

Many people enjoy journaling this information as the weeks progress. Other important items to track are:

- Dosage
- Microdosing schedule
- Intentions
- Changes in mood
- Changes in energy
- Changes in perspective

Setting intentions is the most underestimated component of microdosing New York City mushrooms. Having a clear goal in mind or purpose to microdosing is the easiest way for your subconscious mind to begin forming new neural pathways that consequently allow your conscious mind to create new perspectives on life and relationships. Regulating your mood and responses to stress are the first steps to wellness.

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Are New York City microdose mushrooms for sale legal?

Like marijuana, New York City magic mushrooms for sale are classified as a Schedule 1 drug, which means the federal government has classified it as “having a high potential for abuse, no accepted medical use in treatment and a lack of safety for use under supervision”. Many people might confuse this definition as a description of tobacco and alcohol; however, the difference with these products is the government generates revenue taxing these items and substantial lobbying resources influence drug policy. When people ask about the legality of magic mushrooms their main concern is whether they can get in trouble for psilocybin microdosing in New York City. Small doses of medical marijuana use has euphoric effects, whereas microdosing mushrooms does not have recreational value. Anyone consuming psilocybin in small amounts is trying to treat conditions like anxiety and depression.

When it comes to health, Western medicine has a foundation in pharmaceutical medications that are well-known to have a myriad of harmful side effects. There’s a sense of irony when comparing one treatment that is man-made, addictive and having side effects that often exceed the original affliction and on the other hand, New York City psilocybin mushrooms are natural, non-addictive and do not have side effects. Long-term, preventative treatment is the best way toward sustainable health. Prescription medications provide short-term relief and do not work toward healing, which is why the pharmaceutical industry is so profitable. We all take risks each day from speeding on the highway to throwing away jury duty letters.

Why buy microdosing New York City mushrooms online?

Mood Healers is an exclusive mushroom microdose company in that we are the only organization offering:

- Live phone consultations on microdosing.
- Free microdose schedule calendar.
- Locally grown, organic, highest potency mushrooms.
- Artisan, non-dairy, non-GMO chocolates.
- Complimentary mushroom blend supplements.
- Sample microdose products with free shipping.

Shopping with us to start your microdose journey in New York City is a way to relate with others who not only have personal experience with psychedelic therapy, but also the contribution of customers who share their microdosing experiences with us. Our aim is to provide a path toward your improved mental health and we’re confident microdosing New York City mushrooms can be an answer for terminal patients, veterans, addicts, alcoholics and abuse victims. Even if you do not suffer from these severe conditions, psilocybin improves creativity and cognition while also reducing the impact of stress.

How do I store New York City microdose products?

Simple quick tips for keeping your mushrooms safe are:

- Store mushrooms in an airtight container.
- Keep mushrooms in a cool, dry and dark location.
- Write the date of purchase on the container.

Dried mushrooms last the longest, approximately a year, and do not need to be refrigerated. When mushrooms are exposed to air, they generally last up to 3 months if stored away from heat and humidity. With vacuum sealing and oxygen absorbers, magic mushrooms in New York City can be kept for up to 2 years without losing potency. There are 5 factors that cause mushrooms to break down and lose potency. The shelf life is increased by reducing the following:

- Oxygen
- Heat
- UV Light
- Mold
- Bacteria

There are several ways to help store microdosing products with varying spans of time each method will keep mushrooms safe.

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How do I store microdose mushring in mason jars?

This method is hands down the simplest and cheapest method with preservation of New York City magic mushrooms for 6 - 12 months. Mason jars create an airtight seal that keeps oxygen out the container, slowing the oxidation process that degrades psilocybin content. Areas that work well within a home are closets, kitchen cupboard or bedroom drawer; however, be sure to keep away from small children. You can usually get around 6 months of storage with this method without any noticeable potency loss. After 12 months, microdose New York City mushrooms will remain active, but you may notice a substantial decrease in potency. Some tips for storing magic mushrooms in mason jars include:

- Fill the mason jar full or use the smallest jar possible to reduce the amount of air inside.
- Use oxygen absorbers packets, which are very inexpensive, to further prolong shelf life.
- Do not put the jar anywhere hot or humid like a bathroom or garage.
- Reduce opening mason jars to avoid letting in fresh oxygen or contaminants.

How do I store magic mushrooms in ziplock bags?

Ziplock bags offer similar protection as mason jars, but with some advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of ziplock bags is the ability to squeeze out air before sealing. The downside of ziplock bags are they leak if not sealed properly. One popular option is to seal your New York City microdose mushrooms in a ziplock bag which is then placed inside a mason jar. Some tips for storing magic mushrooms in ziplock bags include:

- Use double sealed, thick ziplock bags.
- Double bag magic mushroom for extra protection.
- Use oxygen absorbers packets to prolong shelf life.
- Press out as much air as possible.
- Avoid letting in fresh oxygen or contaminants.

How do I vacuum seal magic mushrooms?

Vacuum sealing psilocybin mushrooms in New York City is very similar to ziplock bags but with additional benefits if you can afford the extra cost to purchase a vacuum sealer. It’s not the worst investment either considering vacuum sealing is very helpful to preserve frozen food too. Mylar vacuum seal bags can be used to block UV light for extra protection. Refrigerating magic mushrooms isn’t necessary, but does help to store microdose products longer; however, only pull them out when you intend to microdose. With this method, you can store magic mushrooms in New York City for 1 - 2 years and is considered the best storage method. Always store magic mushrooms in a cool, dry and dark area to maintain the highest potency.

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How does chocolate store magic mushrooms?

Chocolate works surprisingly well to preserve New York City magic mushrooms. We create microdose chocolates by grinding dried mushrooms into a fine powder, then mixing with organic cacao powder and other ingredients to make chocolate candy. Traditional baking methods cannot be used because psilocybin molecules are damaged by heat. When psilocybin is mixed in chocolate, UV light and oxygen are no longer able to degrade potency and microdose New York City chocolates can store anywhere from 6 - 18 months. Do not unwrap chocolates from packaging foil and store them refrigerated in an airtight container. Magic mushrooms do not taste very good making New York City microdose capsules very popular and less expensive than microdosing chocolates for sale. Capsules preserve psilocybin mushrooms 6 - 12 months with no loss of potency if heat, light and air exposure are reduced.