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Psychedelic mushrooms primarily effects the production of serotonin, which assists cognition, sleeping, appetite and memory. Research studies have shown +75% of participants report improvements in mental health after microdosing, such as decreased levels of anxiety & depression to enhanced creativity.

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Healing Your Mind

Mood Healers is a small team of microdosing advocates in California creating home-made, medicinal chocolates that vastly improve your outlook on life and self-reflection abilities. All customers receive a courtesy consultation to ensure the best experience.

We are the only online microdose company offering custom, GMO-free, vegan chocolates. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, microdosing options for customers looking to treat a wide range of mental health conditions, while enhancing creativity and self-awareness.

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Mushroom Microdosing

Anyone can gain from microdosing magic mushrooms and the benefits of psilocybin are limitless. The following list is just a handful of reported benefits. As clinical research continues with substantial results, we expect to see this list grow.


Microdosing can help you stay focused on improving physical health. Sometimes it's hard to find the time to work out, yet people who microdose report having increased motivation. Many people also experience performance enhancement.


Chronic headaches and migraines are debilitating and affects quality of life in many ways from maintaining employment to enjoying social activities. Many people suffering from migraines exhaust prescription treatments and report unsatisfactory relief often with harmful side effects. Psilocybin is part of the tryptamine family which includes triptans and ergot alkaloids found in migraine medication. It acts on the same receptors as pharmaceutical drugs, but without any of the harmful side effects.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is known to be extremely difficult to treat. As the symptoms can be unusual and wide ranging, those suffering from OCD often feel ashamed and stigmatized which can lead to social anxiety. Psilocybin mushrooms has been shown to significantly reduce negative compulsive and self-conscience thoughts.


Microdosing mushrooms treats substance abuse two-fold by offering both preventative and therapeutic results. It's a commonly held belief addiction is caused by drugs alone, but many psychologists suggest it to be a symptom of past trauma and the resulting depression. For those who abuse alcohol, illegal drugs or prescriptions, microdosing mushrooms helps people reflect on past trauma from a healthier perspective thereby reducing the desire to use these substances excessively.


Research has shown participants scoring higher on measures of wisdom, creativity, open mindedness and problem solving after microdosing mushrooms. People also report having uninterrupted mental clarity.


People with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), often associated with veterans and sexual abuse victims, have extreme challenges recovering from trauma and find traditional therapy and prescription medication do not ease symptoms. In many instances, PTSD causes social isolation that only serves to compound suffering. The FDA has granted fast-track therapy designation for psilocybin to reduce PTSD severity.


For most people facing death, severe depression and anxiety become a daily battle. Microdosing psilocybin significantly reduces depression and anxiety in terminally ill patients as well as create positive thoughts, perceptions and emotions about life, relationships and spirituality.


Psilocybin alters existing brain pathways and creates new connections which creates new thinking. Even after microdosing magic mushrooms once, people suffering from depression can experience immediate and sustained relief from negative thoughts.


Constant worrying about the future makes life for those experiencing severe anxiety overwhelming. Prescription medications to alleviate anxiety ironically have side effects such as increased anxiety, suicidal thoughts and violent behavior. Microdosing mushrooms has shown to not only alleviate anxiety but to also help people look within at the root causes of their fears. Having a different outlook on the future that's more positive is the key to reducing anxiety, which is what psilocybin has been shown to do in small dosages.


Women report relief from menstrual pain, PMS, cramps and mood fluctuations after microdosing mushrooms. Psilocybin helps to regulate hormones that fluctuate during the menstrual cycle.


Flow state is defined as the optimal state of consciousness where individuals experience peak performance during a single activity. The ego fades away, time slows down and movement flows automatically on instinct. Your whole being feels immersed in the activity (anything from competitive sports to exercise) using physical and coordination skills to the highest degree. Athletes who microdose mushrooms often experience flow state. People who microdose magic mushrooms exhibit higher confidence, rather than being distracted by hesitation or self-doubt.


With the appropriate dosage, environment and intentions, consuming magic mushrooms can create a spiritual experience that profoundly shifts your perspective forever. Many people report feelings of interconnectedness, self-love, spiritual awakening and deeper connection to nature. Increased thoughts of curiousity and reflection occur after microdosing.

Reach out to us if you need more information about your particular medical situation consultations are always complimentary. We have firsthand experience with the mood healing benefits of microdosing mushrooms. Start your journey to wellness today.

How Psilocybin Works

Below is a chart of psychoactive substances and their dependency potential and lethal dose - psilocybin is the clearly the safest.

Drug Dependence Chart

Consuming psilocybin mushrooms increases communication between hemispheres of the brain by creating new neural connections. Previously unconnected parts of the brain become organized and form stable links. Microdosing mushrooms can help rewire deeply ingrained thought patterns linked to anxiety, depression and addiction. Many people break compulsive thought and behavior patterns microdosing psilocybin mushrooms allowing happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Magic mushrooms work on the mind in fundamentally different ways than pharmaceutical medication. Prescription drugs suppress emotions, allowing users temporary relief from mental illness symptoms. On the other hand, microdosing psilocybin enhances self-reflection to alter perspective on the meaning of experiences that cause the condition. Affliction from past trauma (depression) and excessive worry about the future (anxiety) become less severe after each microdose.

Psychedelics like psilocybin stimulate 5-H2A receptors increasing Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) production and glutamate transmission. In combination BDNF and glutamate regulate abstract thinking, thought analysis and self-reflection which are all pivotal in regulating mood. Microdosing mushrooms not only boosts mental performance but attenuates the Default Mode Network (DMN) which when overactive is linked to depression and anxiety. For more information about how psilocybin works in further detail, explore magic mushroom documentaries created by two leading research scientists James Fadiman and Paul Stamets.

Microdosing San Diego Story

Magic mushrooms were the last thing I considered trying and if you're feeling the same way, I share my story with you.

Magic Mushrooms

Hello, my name is JP and I'm the co-founder of Mood Healers. At the time of sharing this story online in 2022, I was 38 years old and have lived in San Diego most of my life. I had a conservative upbringing due to a very religious father working in law enforcement. Excelling in academics was always regarded as the highest priority set for me growing up. Having a hereditary predisposition to migraines, I found the use of marijuana in small quantities greatly reduced the frequency of chronic headaches and severity of migraines. During high school, marijuana use was consistent but obviously with zero consent from family and always a source of conflict with them.

Like any high school, there are always some students drinking alcohol, experimenting with drugs and abusing prescriptions. I never was attracted to any substance other than marijuana and I'd rarely consume alcohol. I called psychedelics like mushrooms "hallucinogens" and I never wanted to trip or be unable to control my thoughts. Never in my mind did I think there was any therapeutic value to consuming San Diego magic mushrooms because my peers used them recreationally. Experimenting with mind altering substances was not important or attractive to me. Rather than marijuana having euphoric effects, it gave me better focus on schoolwork and so I easily justified use as medicinally oriented. Speeding forward in time I avoided experimenting with drugs during college as well because I wholly didn't want to escape reality in any way that wasn't under my control.

For most of my adult life, I had always held a stigma around San Diego magic mushrooms because I didn't know why any responsible adult would want to be so high as to even impair vision. In 2016, I met the most amazing girl who later introduced me to microdosing in 2022. Initially I'd only entertain watching documentaries or listening to podcasts about the benefits of psilocybin with her and refused invites to "shroom". This girl meant the world to me so I decided to try microdosing since I was assured not to experience any hallucinating or uncontrollable trip. I didn't go into microdosing in San Diego with any intentions or expectations, just an open mind. Anyone that knows me I often repeat that I'm extremely left-minded in thinking. Things are very much black & white to me and I have an affinity. In the field of digital marketing creativity is often required and I usually experience resistance thinking abstractly using my right mind to crystalize thoughts into words.

After microdosing a week, I experienced many benefits throughout the day. Most noticeably I felt much less anxious. Instead of worrying so much about the future it was much easier to stay in the present and focus on what I could do that day. Currently I still use marijuana to help with insomnia, stimulate appetite and suppress headaches, but microdosing San Diego mushrooms reduces the instances I smoke each day by more than 50% with no side effects. This change alone was quite unexpected and became reason enough to continue experimenting with psilocybin. The desire to consume alcohol almost completely went away too, which was great because I routinely drank to relieve stress. Like most people, drinking subdues stress momentarily and then immediately makes things much worse. In instances I needed to write, it became much easier to translate my thoughts to the keyboard and recall fluidly words that captured my ideas more vividly. A writing sample that would take usually more than a week to write became a couple days and was no longer tedious. In some instances, I felt a sort of "flow state" writing content uninterrupted requiring little revision.

I was so impressed by the benefits of microdosing San Diego mushrooms because it was helping in many areas of my life. My curiosity for microdosing expanded and I created intentions for the following sessions. Setting intentions is highly recommended and allows the mind to form new neural connections that create new perspectives. Often a new way of thinking is all that's needed to solve problems. I sorely wanted to improve my patience during arguments with my girlfriend. If I could slow down my thinking and reduce impulses to react negatively, then I would be much happier and a better partner. The other intention I had, which I admit sounds silly, was to figure out why I was unable to improve at chess. I won't bore website visitors who have read this far about why chess is so amazing, but I hoped microdosing San Diego mushrooms would help me change my perspective on gameplay as well. I immediately noticed having vastly improved patience with my partner and progress playing chess. The severity and length of arguments diminished and I was winning opponents rated 100s of points higher. There's really no way to describe the feeling of microdosing San Diego mushrooms because the entire point is to avoid undesired mind-altering effects; however, the changes to my life in such a short amount of time was like day and night.

In summary, microdosing psilocybin mushrooms in San Diego helped me reduce anxiety, marijuana & alcohol consumption, profoundly improve writing creativity, relationship mediation and chess performance, all while not having a single side effect other than potentially increased energy. If I microdose late at night after dinner I sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep, but I never feel unrested the following morning or experience restlessness once asleep. For the first time I really feel both hemispheres of my brain in sync when working and deeper self-reflection abilities that allow me to process anger differently. When I feel overwhelmed by some thoughts, I have gained the ability to step back and identify bad thoughts of things outside my control and refocus on something positive in my control. The main catalyst to try microdose San Diego mushrooms came from reassurance from someone I respect and love deeply; however, there was nothing to lose and everything to gain. Using psilocybin mushrooms has been some of the most profound self-improvement experiences for me.

I'm proud to be a part of a mission helping people seeking holistic wellness. Mood Healers is a product of the pursuit of peace, love and knowledge. If you have any questions about my experience microdosing or want to share your situation with us, we enjoy helping and no purchase is ever required for consultations. We serve all areas of San Diego including Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Carlsbad, La Jolla, Del Mar, Hillcrest, Downtown, North Park, Point Loma, Encinitas, Chula Vista, El Cajon. Vista, Poway and Escondido.

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