Financial Assistance

Empower Well-Being

Mood Healers is committed to making the benefits of microdosing psilocybin therapy accessible to all. We understand how unfortunate when financial constraints compromise mental health.

Supporting Veterans.  We hold a deep respect and appreciation for the sacrifices veterans make our nation. It is our honor to extend the highest discounts to any disabled veterans and active military seeking relief through microdosing.

How to Apply.   Every situation is unique and we create solutions fitting individual needs. To apply for financial assistance, use the links below to send the following:  (1) hardship category, (2) detailed hardship description and (3) a comfortable budget. Without income verification or credit check, Mood Healers must approve applicants based on authenticity of your submission. Please be sure you have also completed an Assessment Questionnaire.

       Financial Assistance          Assessment Questionnaire  

Hardship Category

Mild.  Individuals experiencing mild hardship from temporary financial challenges are eligible for 25% off all our products. This discount aims to provide support during times of unexpected expenses or minor setbacks.

Moderate.  For those facing moderate hardship, such as fixed or reduced income creating long-term financial difficulty, we offer a 40% discount on magic mushrooms and microdose capsules.

Severe.  In cases of severe hardship, where individuals are in dire circumstances, we extend a 65% discount on magic mushrooms. This substantial discount provides support during prolonged unemployment or overwhelming debt.

Assistance Requirements

Effective Microdosing.  We kindly ask that you complete an Assessment Questionnaire. This short form helps us determine if microdosing will be an effective treatment for you. Efficacy is our top priority and this step ensures we tailor support to your specific condition.

Online Feedback.  The last requirement is writing reviews on the following platforms: Trustpilot, Google Maps, Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Facebook. Your willingness to share successful results with others is very much appreciated. Reviews help individuals find a trusted microdosing company.

Gift of Healing.  The benefits of microdosing should be shared and celebrated. If you have a positive experience with our products and find relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety, substance abuse or PTSD, please consider referring Mood Healers to friends or family who could benefit from microdosing. Together we can create a network of support and healing. Referred customers receive 15% off any purchase using the promo code GIFT while ordering.

Ambassador Program

Advocate for mental health in your community by assisting Mood Healers advertise our services on Google Maps. As a reward you'll receive free magic mushrooms (assessment required) for the entire duration of your healing journey. This is our way of thanking you for your valuable contribution playing a crucial role in making microdosing available to people in your community.