Top 9 Documentaries About The Life-Changing Benefits of Psilocybin Therapy.

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We all enjoy watching good documentaries about subjects that spark our interest. Films about psychedelics can be hard to find or cost money to stream online. Mood Healers provides this comprehensive list of magic mushroom documentary videos for free to download or stream on your mobile device. No account or purchase is required, we just support psilocybin therapy and advocate microdosing to improve holistic health.

from shock to awe documentary
From Shock To Awe (2017)

From Shock to Awe depicts a transformational journey between two combat veterans suffering from severe trauma as they abandon prescriptions to find relief microdosing magic mushrooms. Recent clinical research has shown psilocybin can be used to treat PTSD. Beyond their personal stories, this film raises fundamental questions about war, big-pharma and legal system.

fantastic fungi documentary
Fantastic Fungi (2019)

Fantastic Fungi is a descriptive time-lapse journey about the medicinal world of magic mushrooms and their healing power. Imagine an organism that feeds & heals you, reveals secrets of the universe and could help save our planet. Learn how fungi contributes to the regeneration of life on Earth that began 3.5 billion years ago.

magic medicine documentary
Magic Medicine (2018)

In 2012, a team of medical researchers gave small doses of magic mushrooms to people suffering severe depression to discover treatment viability. After 3 years waiting to get legal permission, they were able to find out and this documentary walks us through their investigation.

how to change your mind documentary
How To Change Your Mind (2022)

This TV Mini Series showcases what psychedelics therapy teaches people about consciousness, dying, addiction, depression and transcendence. An inspiring documentary, portraying the renaissance of psychedelic treatment for many mental conditions. Microdosing has been proven help PTSD, depression and anxiety.

dosed movie documentary
Dosed (2019)

After years of prescription medications failing her, a woman turns to microdosing magic mushrooms illegally to help overcome depression, anxiety and opioid addiction. A compelling story of a beautiful young woman trapped inside a medical system offering treatments that do not work., With little hope and desperate, after contemplating suicide she decides to take the risk and heal herself.

the way of the psychonaut documentary
The Way Of The Psychonaut (2020)

Stan Grof is a pioneer in human consciousness research and one of the primary psychiatrists who has developed psychedelic microdosing therapy. This documentary follows the full scope of insights developed over his 60 year career researching the benefits of psilocybin.

neurons to nirvana documentary
Neurons To Nirvana (2013)

An in depth look at psychedelic drug reputation in light of current scientific, medical and cultural knowledge. Neurons To Nirvana explores psychotherapy as crucial but neglected medical techniques. The world's foremost psychedelics researchers share their knowledge of psilocybin therapy and argue convincingly for the legal right to incorporate natural substances into therapeutic practice.

psychedelia documentary
Psychedelia (2022)

Psychedelia is a documentary film about psychedelic drugs and their ability to create spiritual experiences. The film chronicles their use in controlled research clinical studies at a time when psychedelics was regarded as a very promising development in the field of psychiatry.

journyes to the edge of consciousness documentary
Journeys To The Edge
Of Consciousness (2019)

Explore three psychedelic trips by world-famous authors, Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and Alan Watts, that changed their lives and Western medicine forever. Take a journey into the depths of the human mind with these brave pioneers whose experiences create a unique cinematic spectacle..

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